Thanks for your interest in helping out!

There are a number of ways you can help me and Sierra with our travels and exploring. The easiest way is with a financial donation. This can be made in any amount, no amount is too small and everything helps. If you are interested in making a financial donation, that can be done by clicking here, which will take you to a secure donation page through PayPal.

Another way to help out is to visit my “prints page” and purchase a print of one of my photographs from my travels.

As I am well aware, this is not an option for everyone, if you really enjoy reading my blog but don’t have the funds to help out, not to worry. If you happen to live in an area I am visiting or have friends or relatives who would enjoy putting me up for a night or letting me take a probably much needed shower, these are equally as valuable to me.

Other than that anything from suggestions of amazing places to go, or things to do in areas, and even just your comments on my blog are extraordinarily helpful and very appreciated as well.

Thanks to everyone who has already donated or helped out in their own way, without you guys this would not be possible.

How can you say no to that pretty face?



  1. You know I can’t 🙂 I plan to have the site up on Monday …

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