Posted by: athike2011 | September 22, 2011

South Carolina

I made it to My uncle Peters place by around four today, we cooked up a bit of dinner and set off to get our kayaks for tomorrow excursion.


The rest of the evening we spent taking it easy, watching TV as we had a big day planned for tomorrow.

We left in time to get to the dam at the beginning of our first run just as they were letting the water out at ten am. It was really cool to see the difference in water level and just how much it rises very quickly

P1020932 P1020934
There was about four minutes between these photos.

We set off down the river through some flats and mild rapids, finding our way through some rock mazes, which was pretty neat. We saw a few turtles, lots of fish jumping around, including one, which pretty hilariously scared the crap out of Peter as it jumped right next to him. Sierra also came with us, I wasn’t sure how this would turn out as she had never been on a kayak before, but she did really well. We ended up beating the water back down to the car somehow and it didn’t really catch up until we had already retrieved the other vehicle.

P1020936 P1020940

P1020948 P1020961


We headed out to another state park about 25 minutes away to put in another mile and a half or so run before the end of the day. In the end we both had a blast and a Kayak is definitely on my “to purchase” list!

The next day, Peter, Nancy and I went down to Congaree National Park, which is the only National Park in South Carolina. We did a pretty decent loop through the park, and I have to say it was the flattest national park I have ever been to, but it was a really cool place.

P1020971 P1020977

20110917_115158_000 DSC00060

In the picture above, around the trees are these spikes that stick out of the ground. They are actually the roots of the trees, that grow a pretty good distance out of the ground. We also found these really gnarly looking spiders that we all tried to take pictures of, sadly I left my memory card in my computer again so I was really stuck with what my iPhone could do. I later found out these are called banana spiders, but they are pretty huge and scary looking.


On the way back we stopped and did another mile loop around a historic revolutionary war battle field, which was a rather plain but informational walk before heading home.

The next day was a football day. Peter and I went to the bar to watch our respective games, both with disappointing outcomes, before heading out to meet up with his girls and Nancy’s daughters for one of their birthdays. Dinner was nice, and it was really cool to get to reconnect with a few cousins I haven’t seen in forever.

P1030012 P1030015



  1. Ok so a kayak is not on your list?

    • That’s my tired brain talking to my tired fingers… It certainly is, fixed my typo.

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