Posted by: athike2011 | September 11, 2011

Kentucky and The Kentucky Bourbon Trail

I have seven distilleries on my list, six of which are part of “The Kentucky Bourbon Trail”. The six distilleries on the trail are Jim Beam, Makers Mark, Four Roses, Heaven Hills, Wild Turkey and Woodford Reserve. The only one not on the trail that I plan on visiting is Buffalo Trace. Today I drove straight from Indiana to Kentucky to try and get at least two tours in. The only stop I was forced to make was a 10am stop at White Castle. I know this sounds strange, made even stranger by the fact that I was not hungry at all, however, I had never been to a White Castle prior to today and it has been on my to do list for quite a while and has somehow eluded me. For my first White Castle ever, it was about exactly what I expected, fast food. Honestly the best part was the onion strips instead of fries, though the chicken sliders weren’t bad.

P1020693  P1020694


For most of the distilleries I will just post pictures, as it is all about the same process and similar tours, but I will try to describe what is shown.

Jim Beam

20110908_124232_000  P1020700

Worlds smallest, fully automated working distillery

P1020701  P1020703
One of their warehouses

P1020711           P1020712

Heaven Hills

20110908_142451_000  P1020715
Visitors center and warehouses

P1020718  P1020723
Inside the warehouse

A whiskey thief for tasting whiskey from the barrels

P1020727        P1020730
Our Tasting

The gift shop

Makers Mark


P1020734  P1020735

P1020737            P1020739
Entrance to the distillery and the mash tub



Inside of the barrels

Four Roses


P1020764  P1020765

P1020767  P1020772

P1020773  P1020778
Filling a fermenter

P1020781         P1020782

Wild Turkey


20110909_140824_000  P1020791

P1020793  P1020796

P1020799  P1020803

P1020806  P1020809

P1020822  P1020826

Buffalo Trace


P1020830         P1020832

P1020834  P1020836

P1020837  P1020839


Woodford Reserve

Woodford for some reason thought their tour was worth $5 while all the others were free, I disagreed and decided to skip it.

P1020843  P1020845


While I was in Kentucky I drove through Lexington, which is where my dad went to school at the University of Kentucky. I drove around for a bit and had a very good sandwich at Firehouse Subs. From here I will be off to West Virginia to see my Grandpa and a few aunts and uncles.

P1020827  20110909_165206_000

20110909_165224_000  20110909_165254_000

They had this crazy new coke machine that has 100 different types of soda and a touch screen.


I also thought I’d post a picture of a friend Sierra made at a dog park outside Frankfort, KY.



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