Posted by: athike2011 | August 30, 2011

Videos From My Travels

So I finally figured out how to get all the videos off my camera! These are videos from the Appalachian Trail and after.

Also just to update everyone on my plans, I am going to be heading out to Fort Wayne, Indiana, on Thursday afternoon. From there I will head back down south visiting family along the way. Once in Florida I am going to pick up some of my grandmothers furniture to haul to my parents house in California before heading back up to Washington. I will be doing more frequent blog updates again during this time, and once I’m done, I will switch back to blogging about past travels.

Videos From the AT

Georgia Mountains

North Carolina Mountains

Entering The Smokys

Charlies Bunion

Beginning of the Tornado Strom

Walk in the Woods

Crazy Wind Storm

Second Tornado Storm, most of the lightning is past the half way point

Cowboy Camping on Cedar Cliffs

Senandoah Thunderstorm

Rattle Snake

Bruins Win the Stanley Cup

Cross Country Trip

Clouds on Lone Mountain

Sierra Running in the Tetons

River in the Tetons

River in Mississippi


  1. Wow! I’m excited for you to get to Washington!! Say hi to all of the family.

  2. The crazy windstorm video was very “Survivorman”.

    Love Sierra frolicking in the river 🙂

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