Posted by: athike2011 | August 24, 2011

The Big Day

This is my 100th post! I never thought I would write this much or the blog would last this long, but this seems like a fitting post #100!

This last weekend my best friend Eli Jacobson married his long time girlfriend Sabrina Smith. This was the basis of my decision to hike the Appalachian Trail instead of the Pacific Crest Trail, and also what brought me back here on my cross country trip. The wedding was a fairly large gathering with lots of family and friends from both sides.

The weekend started off Friday with a potluck and about a third of the guests. The BBQ lasted till the mosquitos got bad and things moved inside. At that point I headed back to the hotel to catch some sleep so I was plenty rested for the big day.

Eli and his cousin Jules getting ready for the big day

P1030656  DSC05046-Copy-1

325013_967424291868_6701468_44064695_2768263_o        DSC05078

DSC05067  DSC05070
Reading the vows


DSC05094  DSC05095
Eli and the McKays                                    My family and the Eli

P1020487  P1020488
The happy couple with the bridesmaids

P1020506         DSC05125
Reception and cake


The first dance

P1020550  P1020552


On Sunday there was a small brunch gathering followed by everyone helping pack and cleaning everything up. For the most part the wedding went off without a real hitch, lots of little fires to put out here and there, but overall it was quite nice. The biggest problem was the misplaced Uhaul keys during clean up. They managed to get packed into the truck and the Uhaul people didn’t have a spare. Eli, his dad and uncle ended up waiting around until 8pm for a locksmith, but eventually made it back just fine.



  1. Beautiful wedding (and bride), wonderful friends.
    I don’t think Eli and Sabrina could have asked for anything more.
    And it didn’t rain!

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