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Europe With The Family – 2001

In 2001 my mom, dad, sister and I went to Paris, London and Scotland, I don’t remember a lot of the exact details of the trip, as it was ten years ago, and I didn’t think to keep any sort of journal. The one thing I do remember clearly was that you can’t get a glass of root beer anywhere in Europe, or at least you couldn’t at the time. I did however take a handful of pictures, so I will do my best to describe what’s what.


Scotland was by far my favorite part of this trip. We explored the northern highlands, visited Loch Ness, wandered the streets of Edinburgh, and watched the Military Tattoo from Edinburgh Castle. The only accommodations I really remember was a bed and breakfast, which happened to be run by a family whose last name was Houston. The only reason this sticks out in my mind is that they had family who immigrated to Canada, so there was some debate as to a possible relation to my dad, a Canadian Citizen with Scottish background.

Amazing School
Elementary School in the Highlands

All the photos below were taken in the northern highlands area.

DSCF0079  DSCF0095

DSCF0102  DSCF0106

DSCF0108  DSCF0114

DSCF0127  DSCF0128

DSCF0132  DSCF0134

DSCF0142  DSCF0146

Sun Down On The Highlands  Unnamed

This was a panorama I stitched together, however all these pictures were taken with a standard SLR camera then scanned on a poor quality scanner some years ago, so they aren’t quite as nice as I would have hoped.

Town Of Loch Inver
Town of Inver Loch, where I believe we stayed at the B&B



DSCF0005  Big Ben

British Museum

Inside the Museum

We also went on one of those duck tour things where you drive around in the amphibious vehicle. The real highlight of that was when we completely sideswiped a car. By the time we got to the water my mom was sure they accident had put a hole in the side of the boat, which would now inevitably sink.

DSCF0008       DSCF0009


Paris did not become one of my favorite destinations on this trip. The rude people, over crowded streets, incessant smoking all around you, and very smoggy air was more than enough to put me off.

eiffelfocus  hotel2

notredam  notredam2

view from tower 1  viewafter
The picture on the right had to be heavily photoshopped to get to get that much green and clarity to come out of the picture.



  1. Loving the pictures of Scotland… the northwest Highlands and Lochinver is not far from where I live and has the best hills in Scotland …

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