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Northwest Adventures

Though at this point I have probably hiked more on the east coast than the west, I have done a number of hikes throughout the pacific north west. These are just eight of the more memorable hikes and a few pictures from Warrior Dash, as well as some pictures of Sierra as a pup for those who have never seen them.

Mt.Ellinor – First Trip

These pictures are all from the first time I hiked up Mt.Ellinor, which is just outside of the Olympic National Park, right by Lake Cushman. It’s not a very long hike, and the altitude tops out at 5,944, but it’s a great hike that at least in the summer time or late spring, depending on the season, could be done by anyone in semi-decent shape. I did this hike with my friend Dan, who had done it once before. We still somehow ended up taking the winter route, which goes straight up a chute. In retrospect it was a terribly dangerous thing to do when we did it with the gear we had. We did manage to take the summer route down, which was awesome as it’s much easier to glissade than walk!

CIMG3588        CIMG3594

CIMG3596       CIMG3599

CIMG3600              CIMG3626

CIMG3628  CIMG3631

CIMG3640  CIMG3645

CIMG3647  CIMG3668

Yeah, I know this picture is lame, the ONLY other person on top would take our picture only if we did this….

Getting ready to glissade down.

Mt.Ellinor – Second Trip

Dan and I decided to go again about ten months later, this time in April. We found that the snow was still so deep we couldn’t even make it to the trailhead parking area. We again found ourselves unprepared for the conditions and eventually the snow got too deep to keep going.

IMG_0507             IMG_0521

IMG_0531     IMG_0532


Dry Creek

Dan, his girlfriend Emily and I set out originally planning on a different hike, but were turned away by rangers because I had yet to get Sierra’s service animal papers. So we ended up taking a shorter hike out in the Dry Creek area, which is also just outside of the Olympic National Park, basically right on Lake Cushman.

IMG_0765           IMG_0774\

IMG_0785     IMG_0793

Olympic Peninsula

Dan, our friend Don and I did this hike in May of 2010. It was a four day 45 mile trip up the peninsula, which is part of the Olympic National Park, to Lake Ozette and back down. It was one of the longer backpacking trips I had taken at the time, and was especially interesting, as we were hiking on the ocean, we had to hike with the tides. There were a number of impassible places when the tide was in. Some of theses areas had over land cut through routes, but they were straight up and over if they existed. On the last day we had to start hiking at five am to make it past the very last point before high tide, which we barely made.

IMG_0844       IMG_0845

IMG_0846         IMG_0853

IMG_0856  IMG_0860

IMG_0862  IMG_0863

IMG_0867  IMG_0868

IMG_0874          IMG_0890

IMG_0902         IMG_0909

IMG_0972      IMG_0974

I tried to get REI to use this as an advertisement, but they don’t take member submitted photos apparently.

IMG_0995  IMG_1001




My friend Sean, his buddy Tyler and I headed up to Mt.Rainier in June of 2008. We drove to Paradise that morning with some snowshoes borrowed from The Evergreen State College, and our snowboards. We hiked as far as we could by 10:30 and found a couple cool places to ride. We did a few runs in a couple different places but as it was so late in the season, by noon the snow was too wet to ride any longer. It was a great trip none the less. One of these days I plan to get to the top of that mountain as well.

CIMG2348  CIMG2355

CIMG2349            CIMG2352

CIMG2358  CIMG2364

CIMG2375           CIMG2390

Rock Lake

Rock Lake is a back country lake in the western Cascades. A co-worker of mine posted some pictures of a trip he took here and I told him he had to take me. The whole area is gorgeous and this lake would work as a great base camp for some amazing hikes in the area, but as it’s back country there isn’t a single switchback or trail marker the whole way, which makes it a lot more challenging of a hike.

CIMG4147  CIMG4165

CIMG4172          CIMG4175

CIMG4186  CIMG4219



This was the first hike I ever took in the Stiarcase area of the Olympic National Park. Dan and I took Sierra here on her first hike outside of the evergreen woods. She loved it, and so did I, though the grunting Elk at higher elevation had her looking a little worried.

IMG_0672      IMG_0676

IMG_0699      IMG_0693

IMG_0718        IMG_0723

Lena Lakes

After a trip the same time the previous year to Lena lakes with Dan and Emily, I decided I needed to come back. The last time we were here we spent the night at the lower lake and went to do the second night at the upper lake. Sadly Emily and I were not in good enough shape to make it to the upper lake. I was very frustrated with myself and signed up for the gym as soon as I got home. This trip, about a year later, was something of a personal test. Sierra and I spent the night at the lower lake and in the morning made our way successfully to the upper lake. Despite the fact that the same time last year Dan had been swimming in the upper lake, this year it was still partially frozen. Having not anticipated this, I only had shorts and t-shirts, so we headed back down to the lower lake, where it was warmer.

IMG_1345       IMG_1346

IMG_1356      IMG_1354

IMG_1364  IMG_1365


Warrior Dash

Warrior dash is a traveling obstacle course/race that happens all over the country all year. This one was in Portland, OR, where my friend Don and I went to participate. I finished in the top 200 out of 6,000, Don was around 500. It was a blast and if I ever happen to be in the same place it’s happening again, I will definitely be there getting muddy!



Sierra as a puppy

I figured I would share some picture of her as a puppy for the people that only like me for my dog.

IMG_0259  IMG_0268

IMG_0271  IMG_0274




  1. I definitely only like you for your dog 🙂

  2. You should put up the ones with the pink bow 🙂

  3. Oh, he certainly should!

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