Posted by: athike2011 | August 4, 2011

Day 23–Atlanta

Today was mostly a lazy day. I slept in until around 10 and sat on the couch reading until noon. The one thing I was really looking forward to in Atlanta was Hankook Taqueria. This is a place Eli and I stumbled upon when we were here last time. It is a Korean/Mexican fusion type place. The last time we were here we had a sampling of just about everything on the menu and it was all delicious.


The first time we where here it was pretty busy, but today for lunch it was insanely crowded, the biggest hurdle is their small parking lot, and there is really no where else around that you can park. This time around I ordered the beef burrito, which is one thing I hadn’t had before. I knew their shrimp taco is what I was really after, so I made sure to get one of those as well. Like last time, it was amazingly delicious and incredibly hard to savor.


P1020271       P1020272

With a full belly I headed to a Starbucks to do some research on the next few days of traveling and figure out exactly where I was going. Once that and a few blog updates were done I headed back to my friends house, where for the first time in a while I was able to veg out on the couch and watch some Netflix. Once it had cooled off a little, 96 degrees, I decided to go for a bike ride. Not knowing exactly where I am, I was mostly stuck to main roads and straight lines so I didn’t get lost. I don’t know how you could be into biking in this state, as even at 7pm the heat was enough that the 20 mile ride felt like 40. I got back just a little before 9 after taking a break in a park to relax. Loni got back from work not long after and we went for a dip in the pool that is part of her apartment complex. When we got out to head back to her apartment I realized that this was the first time since Washington that I had been outside anywhere, day or night, and actually felt cold. It was a nice, but strange feeling.


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