Posted by: athike2011 | July 14, 2011

Day Two–Bozeman, MT

Good nights sleep last night, though a little warm due to the windows being almost all the way up with the rain. This also put a bit of a damper on my bike ride… Riding in the rain and then driving a few hundred miles didn’t seem like the most enjoyable idea to me, so I put my rain coat on and took sierra for a little morning stroll next to the lake.


After our walk we set out towards Montana, again with no real location or goal in mind. We made it to Missoula and I decided to stop in at REI to pick up some mosquito netting to figure out how to take care of that problem quickly. From there it was back to trusty Walmart to grab a few forgotten essentials such as a toothbrush case, some magnets for the mosquito netting, some baby wipes for “zip-loc showers”, and a few powdered drink mixes. I did a little research about good places to hike near Big Sky, as I lived there in the winter (not exactly hiking conditions) and have wanted to do some hiking in the area since.

On the way I pulled off at a parking area to have some lunch. I walked off towards a river I saw from the road and came onto a group of kids rock climbing. I jealously sat and ate my bagel with Sierra before hitting the road.

P1010575 P1010573

Finding good trails with accurate information on how to get there, what it’s like, degree of difficulty, etc can be a very frustrating and difficult task if you don’t know the area. There is a website,, which I have used in the free from previously to find hikes in WA, then look on my maps to find them. However, this is slightly harder out here, so I decided to get a subscription so I can find everything I need across the country in one easy package. They even have an iPhone app. After some browsing it looked like a 6 mile trail to Lava Lake would be a lot of fun. I figured I would stay in Bozeman tonight and head there to the trail head in the morning.



We got to Bozeman around seven and settled into the Wal-mart parking lot for the night. I have had a few people who wanted to see how my car was set up, so I made this video:

Car Tour

I took a short 6 mile bike ride around Bozeman before dark, came back and made a little dinner. My front drivers side brakes have been making noise since Canada, I had a problem before with rust build up and this sounded similar, so I didn’t think much of it. Today the sound go much worse, so I took a look. Apparently I’m a dummy as my brake pad is basically non-existent. Now I may be spending my morning calling shops to see who can do my front brakes and resurface my rotor ASAP for as little as possible. Oh joy.



  1. Just watched the video. Very clever indeed! You;ve got this down to a science.

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