Posted by: athike2011 | July 4, 2011

Back to WA

I can see the white capped mountains from my window seat. After a few hours that seem like days of failing to sleep on the plane, I’m brought back to reality from my book by a familiar and friendly sight, the Rockies. Not quite home yet, but Montana brings back many fond and not so pleasant memories. My time in Montana was spent snowboarding some of the more gorgeous terrain I have ever ridden. However this was sadly cut short one afternoon when a fall led to my ACL shredding into nothing. As painful and frustrating an experience as it was it changed my life in a number of ways which I would not take back.

When the plane lands and I am back to the coast I know so well, it will be a few short days of seeing familiar faces, picking up my Subaru and digging through my storage unit to uncover my bike and a few pieces of other desired gear to start my trek back across country.

In the mean time I have another hour or so of anxiety as I know my beautiful Sierra is by herself under this plane, which I’m hoping goes the same as it did on my way to georgia, leaving me way more shaken by the ordeal than her.






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