Posted by: athike2011 | June 26, 2011


I’ve been to New York City a number of times before, but it has been a while, so when I was offered a ride and chance to check out the city for a few days, I couldn’t turn it down. Despite fighting mild illness the short trip started out with a crazy night out on the town. Drinks at Sunita’s friend Juan’s place, followed by a few bars, and a few more bars, then a long trek looking for ice cream, which was eventually abandoned. Juan headed home and Sunita and I continued on in search of some delicious 3:45am street food. A lamb gyro from some random cart was decided on and thank god I said just a little bit of hot sauce, as I don’t know what they put in there, but I can usually take pretty spicy, but this had me sweating. We walked back to Sunita’s aunts place where we are staying, however some how managed to walk about 9 blocks past our turn and didn’t end up back until it was starting to get light out. Just before we arrived, Sunita got a text from Juan, who though OK, had been hit by a car on his way home, which was made stranger by a photo I had taken earlier in the night where it looked like he was about to get hit, though it was just a false perception. Juan did manage a broken arm and a number of cuts and bruises, but survived, which is the important part.

The next “morning”, which started around 1pm, was a lazy subway ride to the east village and a quite tasty brunch at Yaffa Cafe. I had a open faced chicken salad melt with brie, and a side salad with carrot dressing. Sunita got the eggs benedict with pumpkin hollandaise. The food was quite tasty, but surprisingly the salad was the highlight of the meal, but maybe that was due to the sweltering humidity, which seemed to make the idea of a warm gooey sand-which far more appealing than the reality.




After lunch we wandered for a bit looking for The Dessert Truck, which according to the Eat St. App on my iPhone, was just down the road. Sadly they had not updated their location and were not there. Instead we sought out to fulfill our failed ice cream mission from last night. We ended up at a very small place called Lula’s Sweet Apothecary. I had a cone of peanut brittle and Sunita had the lemon sugar cookie. The ice cream was a bit speedy for the portion size, however it was very delicious.

Sunita and I parted ways for the afternoon as she headed off to take part in the “19th Annual NYC Dyke March”. I headed out on foot towards china town in search of delicious beef jerky. I found a little gross looking place called Ling Kee Beef Jerky, which was highly rated on yelp. They had various types of Chinese stlye, very greasy, beef, pork, and chicken jerky. I got a small sampling of each for me, and some to bring back to Eli, and I headed out to find a place to charge my phone.

Spent a little while in a Starbucks exploring my options and seeing what I had missed. I decided, The Pickle Guys, Doughnut Plant, and Katz Deli all needed to be on that list. I figured I would start with Katz Deli, as my friend Nick Woodson ( ) told me their pastrami, though expensive, was not to be passed by. On the way to the deli I came across a pretty intense basketball game called the manhattan classic. The game was almost over and the score very close, so both teams were playing rough.


After the game I walked a few more blocks to the deli where I was handed a ticket as I walked in and herded into a mass of confused patrons ordering food. I had no idea what this ticket was, only that there were signs all over letting me know if I lost it, I could not leave the building for less than $50. After shuffling my way through a crowd of people to the far end of the counter, I was able to order my 1/4 of pastrami at $24/lb! The purpose of the ticket became clear as the guy behind the counter took it, wrote a price on it, and handed me my bag. Apparently you pay for everything on the way out, whether you have table service, order Togo, or just want sliced meat. After I made my way outside I tried a sampling of my bovine gold, which I must say, was by far the best I have had.




The pickle guys were next… Just a few blocks away, I was quickly disappointed by a gated entrance and a clearly closed store, the twenty minutes spent in Katz was all it took for the pickle guys to close up at 6.


Last on the list was the Doughnut Plant. Though my mom had previously described it as quite underwhelming, it was less than a block away and seemed a shame not to give it a shot. I hit there and had my eye on a cream filled coconut glazed doughnut, but after two people in front of me ordered carrot cake doughnuts, I decided the only logical decision was to double down and get one of each. I ate the coconut donut on site, which I was quite pleased with and left the other for later. I headed back to Washington square park which is where the march was ending.



I stopped into Starbucks again for another iced tea. This time was slightly different. I was approached by the most sadly haggard looking 20 something girl I have seen in a long time, who was accompanied by a seemingly 60 something man who had at least one foot in the grave. They wanted me to break a hundred for them, which I kindly declined, next they asked if I knew where to buy any methadone. I guess my time on the trail has not been do kind to me if I have junkies asking me where to get methadone… Oh well.

I met up with Sunita and a few of her friends and enjoyed a very uninspired dinner at a place called Dojo before taking the subway back to the car and heading out.


New York, I will be back and we will have more fun soon!



  1. Sounds like you packed a weeks worth of exploration into one weekend.
    Glad to hear that Juan is OK (relatively speaking).
    If you keep eating like this you won’t have to worry about looking like a drug addict for long!

  2. Im so glad you’ve had such a good time!

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