Posted by: athike2011 | May 28, 2011


Out at cape cod today, relaxing and enjoying my time off. I think I have decided I will continue my hike with a few gear modifications. However, I am going to skip the last 150 miles or so of PA, as the rocks, snakes, and lack of water could do both me and Sierra in and I would rather not risk that.



  1. Are you able to go back and do the 1/2 gallon challenge

    • I am able to, but I am not going to. Forget that place.

      • Ah. Do they do something at the end?

      • Who?

  2. Trail folk? Whoever does the 1/2 gallon challenge.

    • Trail folk? It’s just a store that sells ice cream and hikers basement tradition.

      • Well now I know, smartypants 🙂 Is there anything similar to that when you reach the end?

      • Nope

  3. PS: The time on here is off by 7 hours by PST

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