Posted by: athike2011 | May 20, 2011



Super 8 in front royal

Tried to get into town as fast as possible, really needed to get everything dried out. Took a while to hitch into town, got settled and showered at the motel then headed to do laundry. Turns out the outfitters in town has been closed for over a year, so that will have to wait for harpers ferry.

Chinese buffets have become a disgustingly integral part of my in town diet, and today was no exception. After making myself feel good and disgusting, I went to the grocery store to resupply.

Went back to the hotel and watched Jurassic Park and relaxed until hockey came on. Apparently on the east coast VS. is like HBO, almost no one has it., not even the bars. I ended up having Jess set her computer up in front of her TV with Skype on auto answer so I could watch while she was at the bar watching the game. Went to bed quite disappointed.



Rod hollow shelter

Didn’t manage to get hiking till 9:30 this morning after a long hitch out of town. Walk to lunch shelter was easy and I enjoyed a quiet lunch just me and the pup. The rest of the day was alright, but the scenery for the walk was awful, it was just thick tall behind walmart style bushes and brush so tall you couldn’t see anything but the thin cut path in front of you.

About 2.5 miles before the shelter I misread my book and thought I was a mile closer than I was. Nothing is more disheartening than that realization at the end of a 23.6 mile day. Dinner tonight was 2 shrimp cup o noodles with a miso packet and sweet/spicy tuna in a zip lock.

Tomorrow we do the “roller coaster”, described by my guide book as “a 13.5 mile section with ten ascents and descents. The Virginia corridor is narrow here, leaving trail crews very little choice other than to route the path up and over each of these viewless and rocky ridges.” I believe this will be the worlds longest wait for what is sure to be the worst roller coaster I have ever been on.




  1. It would have been hilarious if my mom had shown up with you on the other side of my computer and me nowhere to be seen. I had to laugh as I left for the bar đŸ™‚

    It’s pretty impressive what technology allows us to do, like watch tv through a computer on an iPhone.

    Next step, teleporting!

    As tough as the next stretch will be keep in mind you’ll be in easier terrain soon!

  2. Hah! That’s fuckin’ awesome you guys set that up. Whatever ya gotta do to make it happen. Too bad about the outcome…..cuz if yur gunna sit there watching a shitty feed from a webcam through an iphone on skype….they better win. If the sharks make it to the finals, I’ll see what i can do to get you a decent feed. Been thinking about getting a slingbox at some point, but perhaps we can come up with a cheaper solution that is better quality than yur “jess-rigged” skype feed (hah! not shitting on it…..i think it’s awesome) but i’ll see what i can come up with.

    • If the sharks go to the cup, you will find me knocking on your front door.

  3. just wondering how the knee is coming along, Chris. xoxo from an armchair admirer.

    • I did a 23.6 yesterday and it doesn’t feel worse, which is a good thing!

  4. glad your body is hanging in there … that knee sure hasn’t come this far to turn back now! this marathon must be doing a lot of good things for your body too ; )
    in your corner, dude. xo

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