Posted by: athike2011 | May 15, 2011



Blackrock mountain hut

First of all, GO SHARKS!!!

Found my first wild mushrooms of the trip, some tasty oyster mushrooms which I added to my Asian noodle dinner. Forecast is 10 days of rain. Shenandoah has been all walking through one big cloud, not impressed thus far… Got to the shelter completely full, always a bummer, was going to eat dinner and move on but one of the weekend hikers decided to tent instead so I ended up staying and having a dry night.



Hilltop hut

These two older guys decided to get up at 4:30am to pack up and head out. After their alarm went off they took plenty of time getting their stuff packed into crisp plastic bags and banged pots around before finally getting out, but managed to keep everyone else in the shelter awake until 6am.

Hiked 7.5 miles to the camp store where I had a bag of dorittos, 2 bags of combos, a tub of chicken salad, a yoohoo, and a coors light, delicious breakfast.

Rest of the trail was a lot of cloud walking, hills, and bear poop. Soaked through 2 pairs of socks and my feet look and feel like I have trench foot. Got to the shelter early and spent the afternoon resting. Tomorrow is a short day to a campsite with laundry so I can get my socks dry.



  1. You’re the ultimate mushroom hunter… but of course that means it’s been damp.
    Some small measure of pleasure derived from it.

    How annyoying when people are so thoughtless of others in close quarters.
    Maybe you’ll have a chance to chat with these guys at another stop along the trail (insert smiley face here!).

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