Posted by: athike2011 | May 13, 2011



Emily’s House

Woke up to a delicious BLT breakfast this morning and spent a while showing Emily pictures from my trip thus far. After a bit of lazing we headed out to Richmond to the REI so I could exchange my gear which was pictured yesterday. I exchanged my pack for a new one due to a few parts failing or beginning to fail on it, as I did not want it to get worse when I didn’t have such generous offers of transportation. I also swapped out my completely broken trekking poles for new ones, which I am greatly looking forward to. Finally, I returned my OR rain jacket for a Patagonia one, which was 1/3 the price and probably 1/4 the weight of the other. Not quite as waterproof, however, when hiking, more waterproof simply means you get wet from sweat instead of rain.

Once all the gear was swapped out we hit up Best Buy to replace my broken headphones, at which point we found ourselves walking down the TV DVD isle finding the ridiculous number of TV shows we have in common that we both enjoy. From there it was a delicious, but comatose inducing, BBQ lunch before heading back to Emily’s house for the day. We spent the afternoon looking at old family photos and making fun of relatives, in the most endearing way I promise, until Scott got home and we headed to dinner.


YMCA Camp Ground

Emily was nice enough to buy me a bagel breakfast and drive me and a few fellow hikers back into Waynesboro this morning on her way to work, as I wasn’t sure if today would be a hiking day or not. Turns out it was a day off. A few of us went around for a while trying to find a place to stay only to find that we were very much not wanted. We called places ahead to find out rates and availability and were turned away for various BS reasons once we showed up. As a result we just decided to camp f0r free at the YMCA even though there is a chance of rain for tonight.

Went to a Chinese buffet for lunch and have been laying down half dead since. Headed to the local bar shortly for what might be the last Sharks game of the season, then off to bed as our ride to the trail head is at 8:15 tomorrow morning, a nice short 20 mile day of rain through the beginning of the Shenandoah’s.



  1. there were some pretty unfortunate fashion and hair styles in the 60s and 70s, but it’s not entirely fair that many of my childhood pictures from the 80s and early 90s weren’t in the old family photos–THAT would have made for some amusement! it was quite entertaining to see the evolution of my dad’s style throughout the years!

    it was a blast to have you around! you and sierra are welcome any time. i hope you had a great day in waynesboro and that the sharks don’t disappoint…

    happy hiking!

  2. We all thought we looked cool. But I know none of us were fashion statements.
    The important thing is we were all great parents and raised a bunch of great kids.

  3. I still have some clothes from back then! But I think we all have some great kids to be proud of. And we did change from those days to now. We went to a wedding in vegas and it had a 60’s / 70’s theme.

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