Posted by: athike2011 | May 9, 2011



Howard Johnson motel

Short hike into town, checked in to the motel and took a much needed shower. From there it was straight to Wendy’s where I ordered one of everything off the dollar menu. Feeling fully disgusting I headed to the outfitter for new sock, shoes, and a hydration tube for my platypus. Got everything but shoes which they did not have in my size. After some grocery shopping a few of us met a random woman named Stitches who previously thru hiked and was out doing trail magic. She drove enzed, redwood and I to a outfitter in the next town where I got my new shoes. Dinner was Mexican and watching hockey until I was asked to leave.


Bobblets gap shelter

Good day, easy hike. Brought out some polish sausages and buns foe everyone who helped me out when I didn’t have enough food. Talked to my cousin Emily and planned my week over to get me to waynesboro by tuesday… Going to be five big days, but it earns me an extra zero and will be well worth it.


Thunderhill shelter

Long 23+ mile day today, the colonel and I left the others at the last shelter as they did not want to keep hiking. Got to listen to the hockey game at the shelter and found out the colonels aunt and uncle hiked out buckets of KFC to the shelter we had left 😦


Punchbowl shelter

Biggest day yet!!! 25.1 today. It was cold last night and cold this morning. Long 14 miles with lots of ups and a big down to 800ft before getting to a road to hitch to town for resupply. As i got to the road I noticed the tip of my trekking pole has broken off, I also noticed part of my pack that stores my trekking poles had also broken. Hopefully there is an REI near Emily…

Luckily I was offered a ride right away by someone who had just been resupplying her hiker friend. She gave me a Dr.Pepper and a ride to the store. I resupplied for a few days to get me to waynesboro and relaxed for a bit while I ate a double cheeseburger. Feeling refreshed I hiked up the road to start hitching and had two people offer me a ride before I could even put a thumb out. Ended up riding with an older gentleman who does trail maintenance. From there it was a quick 11 more miles and a 3000+ foot climb. Got to camp at 7, ate, chatted and now I sleep.


Seely wood-worth shelter

Happy mothers day mom!!!

New longest day ever, 25.3! Today was very hard. Long climbs lots of elevation change, very very sore. Done 75 miles in the last 3 days to get to waynesboro by Tuesday. Now just 2 more 20’s and I get a day off! No signal at the shelter tonight so I cant listen to the sharks game.

Batteries to the steripen ford today, and due to a timing miscommunication I have no replacements, which means untreated water for the next two days, wish me luck!

There is a school group camping by the shelter tonight who brought a big pot of extra pasta over for us to devour.



  1. Thank you for the Mother’s Day wishes.
    I’m sorry your video didn’t make it “out of the woods” as you’d planned.

    Lots of difficult and long days, lately. Enjoy the journey!

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