Posted by: athike2011 | May 5, 2011



Laurel Creek Shelter

Today was way better. Managed to get to Kelley knob by 3pm and happened to have full 3G signal and was able to listen to the sharks beat the red wings in game two. Got down to the shelter 30 mins later and made dinner. The Colonel brought extra hot dogs up for everyone which were fantastic as well.


Pickle Branch Shelter

Lots of elevation change today. Big climbs and what looked like a nice ridge walk on the elevation profile, but ended up being a 45 degree angle walk on big rocks. I took an hour and a half lunch break, which was more resting than eating as I realized I don’t have nearly enough food to get me to town. I rationed out my food to make it last and headed out. Got to the top of the last big climb of the day and had a mile or so ridge walk before the final downhill, which is when I realized I forgot my aleve at lunch and my legs started to really ache. After the last 1,600ft down I hit the last water before the shelter and only water for 10 miles after. I had to take a break as I got really light headed from not eating enough, this is not a mistake I will make again. Got to the shelter, set my bed up, and started to boil water, which i managed to knock over and spill on my leg. Started over again, made my ramen and dumped a bunch of Sierra’s olive oil in it, ate, and slept. Long day tomorrow so I can get to town sooner the day after for food.


Lambasts meadow shelter

Today was another tough day. Battled dehydration while still drinking lots of water. My body was also very off from not eating enough and the 14 miles hiked before lunch. We went over dragons tooth which was more like rich climbing and was very poorly marked. I ended up 200ft below the trail after a very steep bit where I lost it. Got to macafe knob and took some awesome pictures, then hiked the last 7 miles to the shelter. I felt so awful for the last part from lack of food and water, I barely beat the thunder storm to the shelter. Only 9 miles to town tomorrow.






  1. Aw that sounds awful 😦 what an awesome picture of you! hopefully you won’t have any more days like that …

  2. OK, that rock- not OK.
    I believe I mentioned this before you left.
    This was the place I saw on the YouTube video,
    It’s not so good for my acrophobia.
    Done now and you survived.
    Like the skydiving.

    I know the provisioning was more complicated for the longer period of time.
    I wish it had worked as you hoped and I know it will next time.
    You’ve been really good with your calculations.

    Safe, safe travels, sweetie!

  3. Hey Chris,

    Whew–what a ride! Hungry, lightheaded, and dehydrated but still taking advantage of a photo op on the edge of some big-ass rock out there! I hope Sierra is in better shape than you at the moment. Maybe that olive oil will be your saving grace. I’m glad you’re getting to celebrate the Sharks, but please don’t plan on attending any Donner Parties, ok ; )

    Wishing you a scrumptious meal at the end of this leg.

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