Posted by: athike2011 | April 29, 2011



Jenkins shelter

Big climb today to a pretty cool shelter at the top of a mountain. Managed to get signal to find out the Sharks won round one of the playoffs. We met hawk, the same guy we met the night out of Damascus who had taken 9 zero days, not including the additional zero the day we met him, which he took because he was sore after 14 miles. None the less he somehow beat us to this shelter. He claims he was night hiking. I came up with a new term for the AT known as “star trekking”. This is when someone claims to be night hiking but really they are just yellow blazing(hitch hiking), and it as if they have teleported from one place to another.

Long ridge walk and down hill after to the next shelter. There were tons of deer, which Sierra spent most of the night chasing instead of sleeping.


Jennys knob

Left my $150 sunglasses at the last shelter… At least they were free and now someone else gets a free pair of nice shades. Got to us 52 by 10:45, took about 25 mins to hitch a ride into Bland, VA, all the while a big black cloud was bearing down on us. It started raining right as we got to dairy queen, luckily our timing worked out great.


After devastating a meal at dairy queen and watching the first part of the storm come through, I headed out with Lego, redwood, the colonel, and enzed to head up to 8 miles of ridgewalk with tornado warnings. The walk was a fast and easy 11 miles or so total, and there was still space in the shelter. I packed out a $5 footlong for dinner and was quickly to bed. I woke up around 11:30 in the craziest dance club I’ve ever been in. The pounding of thunder and super strobe effect of the almost constant lightning was enough to keep everyone awake for a few hours, while for the second time on the trip a tornado passed within 12 miles of where I was sleeping.


Woods hole hostel

Morning was beautiful, other than a few fallen leaves and a lot more water on the trail than normal, you never would have known about last nights storm. I left around 8:30 as today was initially going to be a 14.9 short day, but within 20 minutes of hiking I decided to go all the way to woods hole. It was a beautiful walk through green tunnels running along side and over big streams. The walking was so easy that with a 30 min break for a snack and dry socks, I made it to the 14.9 shelter by 12:30. From there it was a 1,300ft climb to a ridgewalk where I found some beautiful views.


Apparently there is an extra 1.5 miles of trail ignored by all the guide books before you get to the road the hostel is on, plus the extra .5 to the hostel. Once all was said and done I have walked about 47 miles in the last two days. Sadly the hostel was not the oasis I was hoping for. $5 got you a very slanted place to pitch a tent. Then on top of that, every little thing you do costs you an arm and a leg and they make you feel plenty awkward about it. I’ll be happy to get to a real town tomorrow.



  1. It was great to talk with you yesterday. Sounds like Pearisburg was working out better than the hostel the night before, although I guess that wouldn’t be hard. I hope you got to see the Sharks take the first game of the second round of the Stanley Cup; in OT again!
    BTW I sent off the fresh batteries to Daleville yesterday so those should be waiting for you when you get there.

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