Posted by: athike2011 | April 25, 2011



Trimpi shelter

Today was an awesome day. I woke up this morning to the bright light of the moon just shortly before sunrise. I started my routine of packing up and eating breakfast, along with my morning motivation mix which I have been playing every morning for the guys in the shelter, the mix is as follows:

Europe – The final countdown
Eye of the tiger
Ram Jam – Black Betty
Van Halen – Jump
Queen – Fat Bottom Girls
You’re the best around

After breakfast the family of hikers finished their breakfast and told us there was lots of tortillas, cheese, sausage, and eggs to make breakfast burritos.

The beginning of the day was gorgeous hiking, which reminded me a lot of home. We walked though more open pasture land and saw a few more wild ponies. I got to the first shelter and had a PB&J tortilla and a little rest then headed out. At the next toad crossing I was greeted yet again by trail magic. I had a coke, a banana, a few bite size candies, 2 carbonated fruit water things, a burger, a hotdog, potato salad, and some pringles. I also took to go 2 cans of yueng ling beer, a bunch of candies, a ham sandwich, and some oatmeal cookies.

After that came out toughest climb of the day, an agonizing 800ft over 2 miles. It did start to get quite hot and still though, so I ended up hiking without a shirt for a few hours.

At some point at the beginning of the day I passed the 500 mile mark, which means tomorrow I will be over 25% of the way there, though I’m about 1/3 of the way through time wise. The rest of the miles look a lot easier.

Dinner was delicious and after 40 mins in the creek the beers were good to go. Should be a warm night, a quick ziplock shower and I’ll be ready for sleep. Hoping for trail magic tomorrow for Easter Sunday to make my second AT hat trick!




  1. hehe fat bottomed girls.

  2. What does Sierra think of the wild ponies? Do they get spooked easiliy or do they let you get close?
    Sounds like a nice couple of days. I’m glad to hear you continue to sound positive. Most be the morning motivation.

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