Posted by: athike2011 | April 19, 2011



Moreland gap shelter

Lots of little ups and downs today, had a good lunch at a 3 floor shelter… Not too much to note about the walk today, a couple gorgeous waterfalls. Got to the shelter and it was very windy, a guy there known as the mayor had a dog, Bo weivel, who Sierra bece friends with. He had an extra jalapeño cheddar sausage he gave me. Good evening.



Kincora hostel

Got in after a quick six miles, nice hostel, only $4 donation. Hung out, showered, did laundry, played some games until around 4 when the owner, bob peoples, took us into town to stock up and eat, sadly I did it in that order and bought way too much food. Then to the chinese buffet to fill my belly. We went back to the hostel and hung out a while longer before bed.


Vanderventer shelter

Long walk with lots of steep trail, wasn’t any harder than other trail we have done, but it kicked my ass for sure. Passed a big beautiful lake, and walked a ridgeline about 1000ft above the lake for a while. The shelter was on a ridge with a great view but was facing the wrong way! The worst part was the water, which was .4 miles each way and straight down 600ft…





Abingdon gap shelter

Another almost 23 miles today. I can’t tell you how many times my trekking poles have saved a rolled ankle or fall. I think I am the only person I know who hasn’t fallen yet, knock on wood… Today was really tough, I’m toying with the idea of a zero in Demascus, but we will see. Passed the 20% mark on the trail today. Only 10 miles tomorrow. Looking forward to a cold beer and hot meal.





  1. I think those “0” days are very necessery. You know when you need one and this sounds like it.
    Pup could probably use it as well.
    And I’ll bet you’ve seldom enjoyed the cold beer and hot meal as much as you are right now.
    Thanks for the great new pictures. The rolling hills are just gorgeous.

    • Beer and food isn’t till tomorrow…

  2. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for sharing your trip with those of us armchair hikers out here ; ) Glad to hear you haven’t taken a tumble yet with all that climbing you’re doing. I managed to roll my ankle at work a couple of days ago when i was coming down some stairs. OUCH! Bruised and swollen, but not broken thank goodness.

    More pictures of you, please! Is the white dog with the pack yours? How cool is that to have a canine companion who’s willing to carry a bit of the load! So happy to hear that you’re doing this trip. I miss you and love finding out what you’re up to.


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