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Erwin, TN
Hiked a quick 6 miles to the hostel right on the trail. Four of us decided to go in together on a cabin. The hostel was $18 a night or to split cabin that sleeps four, four ways was only $20 each and gave us our own bathroom, shower, kitchen, and living room. We all did laundry and showered, then caught the shuttle in to town for an all you can eat pizza buffet. Not the best pizza ever, but with that, the salad bar and the dessert pizza, it’s was a $7 well spent. One of my fellow hikers boyfriend showed up and took us around for the rest of our errands. We went to the post office, where I mailed home most of my base layers, gloves, and bag liner. From there we went to the food lion. N Zed, Lego, and Redwood and I decided ahead of time, that since we had a kitchen, we should probably cook a real dinner. I resupplied on all my food for the trail and got some chicken breast, lettuce, feta cheese, orange bell pepper, garlic, baguette, tomato, basil, and olive oil. We had a delicious salad with grilled chicken, and toasted baguette covered with bruchetta. When it was all said and done it only cost us $3.30 each. Spent the rest of the day relaxing, replacing shoe laces and got a great nights sleep.



Cherry Gap Shelter

Lat: 36.12915
Lon: -82.26427

Someone left pancake mix at the cabin so we started the day with a delicious breakfast and started to pack up for the 17ish mile day. I noticed a puddle under my pack as I was about to leave. Turns out my water bladder didn’t want to hold water anymore. I waited around till 10am to call osprey about it. I left a message for their warranty people telling them I would be in Damascus, and the name and location of the gear shop there. Day started off rainy but mostly just a drizzle. About 15 minutes in we had to cross train tracks where the worlds longest train happened to be parked for the morning. The day continued nicely until beauty spot, where the clouds, rain, and wind moved in. I threw my rain gear on and moved forward. By the time I got to the top of the mountain I was soaked from not taking the time to put my gear on properly on could not feel my hands. I knew it was only 3.5 or so miles to the shelter so I literally jogged down the mountain to the shelter, stripped off all my wet clothes, and hopped in my sleeping bag to warm up. I eventually made dinner and went to sleep


Clyde Smith Shelter

Lat: 36.14843
lon: -82.16133

Woke up about 9am to everything soaking wet and cold. Spent an hour getting a fire going to dry everything out on. Ate a pop tart, decided to make today a short day since I didn’t get out till noon. Day was pretty average, just happy the sun was out.


Apple house shelter

Lat: 36.17205
Lon: -82.01128

Today started off well, there was a big climb up Roan mountain, which wasn’t the most fun I’ve ever had. Got to see the highest shelter on the AT, and made good time to the shelter. It was only 1:40, so I decided to do the extra 11 or so miles to the next one, the last 7 miles of which were quite unpleasant. When I got to the shelter, food and sleep were the only things in order.



  1. Box received, unpacked and gear washed.
    It’s almost like you’re in college except you didn’t do this, then.

    How’s the knee holding up with the altitude and weather changes?

    Sorry the mountain was mis-spelled!

    • So how is it anything like college then? Bad knee feels good, good knee feels bad…

      • In the past, kids sent the laundry home to be washed when in college, something you never did. It was all rather elite.
        Of course I didn’t either (quite the picture).
        Your grandmother did, though.
        This had the slightly amusing quality of that, which never happened.

        I like the fact there’s nothing that gets in the way of you giving your mom a little bit of a hard time.
        Nice to know the trail isn’t changing you.

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