Posted by: athike2011 | April 11, 2011



Hogback ridge shelter
Lat: 35.96399
Lon: -82.58727

Day was pretty average, lots of ups and downs, nothing amazingly notable. There was a quite large uphill which I didn’t enjoy much, and about halfway up my right shoe lace decided to snap. Got to the shelter and found water was another quarter mile down a side trail, which is no fun. Weather forecast had tornado warnings. By 7pm it started raining quite hard, even those in tents were hanging out in the shelter. It was a cool experience, all these people who never met before at longest a month ago sitting in a shelter listening to music, telling our stories while the weather went crazy. The rain and lightning started up, quite heavy and close, then the hail started, gumball size hunks of ice pounding down on everything. Once that let up the rain broke and within 30 seconds the fog rolled in so you could barely see in front of you. We then had a few lightning strikes that couldn’t have been more than 500ft from us. After a minute or two of science, the fog disappeared as quickly as it came and I fell asleep to the quiet flashes of light.


No business shelter
Lat: 36.06653
Lon: -82.43380

Today was a 20.7 mile day, .1 better than my previous best day. 2.4 miles into our day we arrived at a gap where a gentleman named quiet Paul was cooking a breakfast for all of us! Scrambled eggs, hash browns, sausage, muffins, and OJ, with all the condiments you could want. After this large breakfast was inevitably a large uphill, which is always quite tough after a big meal, and made even tougher by the sun and heat of the day. I got to the top of big bald and took my pack off to rest for a bit before heading the mile or so to the next shelter for “lunch”, which was just a bite size butterfinger and some cheese a fellow hiker didn’t want to carry any more. The next 10 miles were grueling, lots of ups and downs, which are made significantly more difficult by jello legs. Luckily 4.7 miles from the shelter I ran into a woman at a road giving out apples, poweraid and snack foods. Once I got to the shelter it took a solid half hour of sitting before I did anything. My body was so sore tired and hot, I literally just sat there barefoot with no shirt on. Dinner was lasagna with meat sauce with skittles for dessert. 5.7 miles into town and a shower or three for tomorrow and some much needed laundry. It’s still very hot, I’m currently wearing the same thing I was when I arrived laying on top of my bag, should be a warm night



  1. Is it difficult to find the motivation to get up every morning?
    When your legs and back ache before you rise from the sleeping bag do you wonder why you’re doing this or are there no questions?

    Do you wish your mom would keep the questions to herself?

    • Haha, I ask almost as many questions 🙂 It just means he is loved and should be happy that we care!

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