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Lat: 36.05677
Lon: -82.65737

Today was great. Woke up earlier than I have yet, bright and early at 6:25 and was walking by 7:15. There was however a reason for this change in pace. The night before I was informed of the glorious breakfast I would be receiving in the morning at the 4 mile mark, just down the road 350 yards. It only took me an hour to hike that 4 miles and I was greater by a lovely couple who hike the AT some years back and had moved to this house 5 years ago and had been doing this trail magic since.

The experience:

I was greeted and told where the bathroom was if I wanted to wash up. Then I was handed a drink list with a number of sodas, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, etc, and if you chose one of the last three there were at least 6 varieties to choose from. Then I was asked if I wanted a belgian waffle, stupid question. We chatted about what they did and who I was while my waffle cooked, then they brought me my hot chocolate and waffle with lots of butter and syrup. Once I started that they asked if I was a vegetarian, which I told them I was not, so they began to heat up the beef stew that would become my second course. Once the waffle was gone the stew came and was accompanied by a loaf of amazing home made raisin bread. Half way through that they told me I had a few options for desert, home made bread pudding with a carmel drizzle, apple crisp with ice cream, a brownie a la mode with whip cream and chocolate sauce, or a banana split. I went with the split. As I was finishing my stew, I asked if they would mind if I had a rootbeer. The response, would you like it in a frosted mug? After my dumbfounded yes, she suggested if I was going to all that, they might as well make it a rootbeer float. Good point. Around desert time they began their discussion about god and Christianity, which was to be expected, but always awkward, more so when he explained his father had just recent died of cancer and did not believe in god and therefore is now in hell, which he did not want to happen to any of us. This was something I thought about a lot walking today, it blew me away that this man having nothing but nice things to say about his father, who seemed to be a good man in every way, at least in how he was talked about, truly believed that there is a hell and that is where his dad is because he died not believing in god. Anyways, the meal was great and much appreciated. Today was 15.4 miles, the beginning of which was my nice jog down, then was about 6 miles of uphill, which would have been way easier were I not so full. After the uphill came my favorite part of the trail so far, an amazing “exposed ridgewalk” as the sign said. Beautiful views everywhere, lots of big rock climbs and drops, hard to describe really, but there are pictures on the digital camera for when I finally get those off. Got to the shelter around 4, made a pasta primavera dinner and relaxed before heading to bed.



  1. Great post! Rootbeer float part made me smile 🙂 glad to hear you’re getting some delicious food!

  2. WOW!
    That was some breakfast, I am surprised you were able to get back on the trail at all after that.
    Did they have any special treat for Sierra?
    Glad whomever told you about this prepared you for the desert conversation as well or that could have been a much more awkward surprise.

  3. I think dad meant “dessert” conversation but desert might also be applicable.

    Nothing like a little religious conversation among the non-believers. I assume no mention is made of your maternal background at times like these.

    Am I correct that this is the usual “payment” for the very thoughtful and generous meals on the trail? I know you’re respectful and understand the circumstances.

    The food sounds great and I’m sure it was an excellent beginning to your day.

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