Posted by: athike2011 | April 5, 2011


Got a good early start today, it was warm last night, and nice and warm this morning as well. Today was a little over 18 miles to make it to Hot Springs, NC, a good amount of downhill, but a couple big uphills along the way. I knew there was a big storm coming in today and it was supposed to get hot, so I tried to make good time. I have never experienced 3 seasons in 3 days before, but about 2 days ago it was low 20’s and snow, then mid high 60’s to 70’s the next and by mid day today it hit almost 90 and I was baking in the sun. I almost ran out of water again, but found some just in time. This is the only down side I have found to using the Steri-pen instead of a pump filter, I need to find deeper water or a small waterfall to fill my bottle in as I cant pump out of small puddles, but with a bit of planning it shouldn’t be an issue. I got into Hot Springs by about 2:30 only to find that ATT does not work. I got a bite to eat and went to a hostel with a few people who were staying there and hung out until the storm started. It had been quite windy all day, and starting around 5, thunder and lightning picked up like crazy. Around 7 it was pouring rain, speaking of which, I bought a rain wrap, which is like a waterproof skirt with a few velcro tabs and an elastic draw string, to replace my rain pants, which have proved to be painfully hot. I walked through the storm to the bar and waited for Claire and Mike, who made it around 8:30, we had a few drinks and headed out to Asheville, NC, where I, going to take a couple days off and hang out with a few friends I haven’t seen in almost two years, then back to the trail to keep on trucking along. Next stop, Damascus, VA.



  1. chris,

    hey! your cousin emily (houston) here…i have been following your blog and have really enjoyed reading it. i especially enjoyed your very astute description of gatlinburg. not even the omnipresent odor of pancakes and fried food could win my husband and me over. i think you will find asheville to be a much better experience.

    i see you will be in virginia soon. damascus is a neat little town with a few outfitters, B&Bs and gas stations. we live in charlottesville (central VA). i’d like to extend an invitation to take a day or two off the trail at our place to rest, do some laundry, catch some of the Stanley Cup Playoffs (depending on the timing, of course), resupply…whatever you may need to do! at the very least, we’d love to hike some of the trail with you. we were on it recently and had a great time, although my dog did most of the work dragging me up the hills.

    hope to see you soon!


    • Hey Emily Aunt Tish here.
      It has been a long time since we have heard any news of you. This post was nice to read. I emailed your mom around the time of David’s wedding to see if any of you had a Facebook account, she said no.
      We found facebook a great way to get back in touch with a lot of the family. Bill, Barbara, Chris, Abby, Tom, Gale, all thier kids, Joan, Greg their 2 kids, me and my boys and wife and fiancee, Peter’s girls all are on facebook. I don’t know if you remember Lauren Carter from the cottage, 2nd cousin once removed, but she it there too.
      Please think about using Facebook, we would love to hear about you.

      I know this sounds like a facebook commercial, but we realy would like to reconnect.


  2. Nothing like schizophrenic weather. It sounds like this may continue for a little while. I hope the ice, snow and rain let up.
    I hope you’re enjoying your time with Claire and Mike- need I say “pictures!”.
    I love the pictures of Sierra. She looks ever the patient puppy.
    The rain wrap sounds like a great option. I hope it solves some of the issues.

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