Posted by: athike2011 | April 5, 2011



Woke up to a fresh inch of snow, took my time getting up and out as the cold and white was not as inviting as I might have thought. Today was a good amount of downhill with a few prolonged ups towards the middle of the day, as our elevation was dropping the snow turned into slippery slush and the ice frozen the the trees started to thaw and blow off onto my head as I walked. Once I got out of the smokies it was as if I had walked from winter into spring. I saw 3 butterflies within ten minutes of being out of the park. I had planned on camping just short of i40, where I am going to meet uncle Peter tomorrow, however I ended up waking past it and decided to keep going until I reached standing bear hostel. It was a very interesting place, great resupply store and a kitchen, it was all honor system based. Met some new people, drank a few beers and went to sleep.




Roaring Fork Shelter
Lon: 35.804741
Lat: -82.950127

Slept in today as Peter and Nancy weren’t coming till around 10. Breakfast has never been so good. Delicious milk, fresh cooked in front of me potatoes, onions, peppers, sausage, eggs and cheese. Couldn’t have asked for a better start to the day. To top it off they gave me a delicious loaf of banana nut bread and cheese to take up with me. The day was tough, lots and lots of uphill in 75 degree heat. Ran out of water half way through the day and 3 springs that were supposed to exist did not. You know it’s not good when you stop sweating. I finally found a stream and restocked on water a few climbs later and I reached the shelter. The banana nut bread was a huge hit and gone within ten minutes. I bought some pepperoni and cheese this morning, which made for one of the more delicious dinners I have had as well. Tomorrow, hot springs!






  1. Hmm standing bear hostel isn’t in my book.

    • It’s just passed i40 about a mile on some road…

  2. That’s not my dinner pepperoni u’re eatin’ there is it Rick?

    • Listen man, if you go down to the store and pick me up some jalapano chips and two dollars worth of pepperoni, I’ll hang out with you for a bit.

  3. How wonderful of Peter and Nancy to meet you with such goodies! You’ve been fortunate to have much kindness come your way.
    Perhaps a little good karma for all the photos that were taken in Gatlinburg?

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