Posted by: athike2011 | April 2, 2011


Once again fir those following, Tri-corner knob shelter at:

Lat: 35.69372
Lon: -83.25678

Someone forgot to tell mother nature it’s april. Ill start from the beginning of the day though… Note one, there is no reason ever to go to Gatlinburg, TN. One might relate it to a half assed at best Disneyland with no rides or a town that had a worlds fair 30 years ago and never got over it. Never have I seen so much useless junk piled into one town.

Back to today, day started with a run in with the motel owner who wasn’t happy I hadn’t paid for Sierra to stay there, even after I informed him that the woman running the desk said she would let me slide before I even mentioned her being a service dog. His response, “I don’t care what she does for work, it costs the same either way”. After some talking he relaxed and left me to eat my 4 free Krispy Kreme donuts in peace. The local outfitter offers a free shuttle up to the gap, however, it’s only twice a day and they can only take 4 people. Our motel also had a shuttle, $30 for 4 people, yeah right! I decided hitching was the way to go and set out for the road. I was the only one put there for a while, then two other hikers joined me. As this seems to be a tourist town, we became the latest attraction. Cars would slow as they passed us just enough so someone could snap a picture of the thru hikers but not offer them a ride up the road in the lovely 30 degree weather. While waiting another hiker started to hitch as well, however he chose to position himself 300ft further up the road and somehow quickly snagged the first ride in 45 minutes. I decided his trail name, should I ever see him again, would be price is right, as he is the guy that bids 501 on your 500.

I got a ride about an hour and a half after I got out on the road and had my picture taken probably 30-40 times. The story was the same at the gap, lots of tourists wanting picture of or with thru hikers, quite odd… It was 24 degrees at newfound gap at 11am, everything was frozen and there was an inch of snow on the ground. Despite having to hike up sheets of ice that yesterday was creek/trail, and spending most of the day looking at my feet it turned out to be my favorite day yet. Some of the most breathtaking views and ridge-walks I have ever seen, and yes mom, I took pictures, they’re on my camera, not my phone so everyone will have to wait. I stopped on a ridge in the one patch of sun I found with a vista many would drive days to see and sat and ate my tuna and tortilla completely relaxed and happy while Sierra napped next to me. I hiked until around 6 when I reached the shelter where there were only about 7 people. They already had a fire going which made it way easier for me to get the essentials like getting the icicles off sierras belly, getting sleeping areas set up, and making some much needed dinner. Sat in front of the fire for an hour or two before crawling in my sleeping bag. Tomorrow is another 16 miles or so to get within an hours walk of where I’m meeting up with uncle Peter at 10 on Sunday.






  1. You always know how to look on the bright side! I can’t wait to see all the pictures that you didn’t take on your phone. Stay warm 🙂 xo

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