Posted by: athike2011 | March 31, 2011


Early morning, got pretty cold last night, rained a decent amount more, but no snow yet. Sierra heard something she didn’t like and did a bit of growling, but nothing came of it. The trail was very muddy today again, this isn’t near the worst of it.



Walked 10.8 miles and got to newfound gap by 12:30 or so.


Hitched a very cold wet ride in the back of a truck the 25 mins into town. Checked in to the Grand Prix Motel and immediately took a shower. Went to the local outfitter to pick up more fuel and the took the public transportation system, which is by far the worst I have ever experienced, to get food at the local grocery store. Restocked on food, hit the buffet, and now it will be early to bed for an early morning out.




  1. Wow.
    Sounds like a rough few days. I hope the weather starts to cooperate soon.
    I can’t imagine having the initiative to get up and keep going each morning under the conditions you’ve been describing.
    The pictures are the finishing touch. Thanks so much for sharing them.

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