Posted by: athike2011 | March 30, 2011

3/30, 12 inches forward, 11 inches back.

Mud, mud, and more mud. It rained like crazy last night, but to my surprise it was not raining this morning, not to say that it was nice out, far from it, but at least it wasn’t raining to start. So far I have found one of the toughest parts of this hike to be balancing rain gear and body temperature while climbing up mountains, I’m sure by the time I find my balance the rainy season will be long over, until then its constant stopping and starting to deal with adding or removing layers. Today I decided to wear my pants with gaiters and rain pants over that, then a lightweight base layer top with my raincoat with all vents open and my bandana. The day started off fine, but it was obvious right away the pace would be way slower than normal. It seemed for ever foot I went forward I slipped 11 inches back in the mud. About halfway through the day I was sweating like crazy, the rain jacket had to come off and the pants rolled up, luckily the gaiters did their job of keeping my socks dry. I got to Silers Bald shelter and took a break for another ramen and tuna lunch. I made the decision to make it to double spring gap tonight so I can make a medium day of it tomorrow and get into Gatlinburg, TN to resupply and spend the night before heading back into the smokies. The rest of the day was just pushing myself uphill in the mud to finally get to the shelter. I was one of the last people to get a spot. Dinner was cheddar broccoli rice and tuna, this resupply I will try and change things up a bit. There was a ridge runner at the shelter, basically a park ranger who spends 5 nights a week sleeping in various shelters keeping an eye on everything. He asked about Sierra and was very friendly and ended up building a nice fire in the fire place for everyone. It’s staying light later, but still not light very early.

For those interested…
Lat: 35.565208
Lon: -83.542511




  1. Thanks for the Lat. & Long. that helped a lot.

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