Posted by: athike2011 | March 30, 2011


Today was a 13 mile day turned 17+, got all the way to spence field shelter. The shelter is full tonight, but it is one of the nicest yet, fire place and all. Sierra now has her bed, which she is sleeping in as I write this. No problems with the national park thus far, Sierra being a service dog has proved much easier than I thought. She is also doing great, tons of energy and she has finally started to get her hikers appetite, I still cover her food in vegetable or olive oil every meal to keep her running strong. While hiking today in between random terrible songs repeating in my head, I started thinking about short term plans after my hike and have continuously come back to the same idea. I would like to work for eli or whoever as much as possible for a month or so after the wedding and buy an old beater truck with a camper shell and driving back down the AT doing a bit more exploring. From there I would like to drive to other parts of the south I have yet to see, while on my way back to WA. Just one of many thoughts, but as I keep coming back to it, I felt it was worth writing down. Supposed to get cold tonight and start raining again, continuing for the next few days, to think I used to like the rain. I am currently hiking with Avatar and Savage, I have yet to come up with or be given a trail name, but I am not concerned. Both Avatar and Savage are interesting guys with a lot of very interesting stories and different experiences from what I’m used to. I have read about people getting lonely on the trail, however, I am really not sure how that is possible with the number of nice, outgoing people there are not just on the trail, but in town as well.



  1. This is a great post.
    I loved reading about Sierra’s well being. It’s also nice to hear of your musings. This is such an interesting country. And it’s so different one coast to the next.
    If you’re not careful you may find me joining you!

  2. Your trail name should be “Shark” šŸ™‚

    • Seems too easy… And I already know a guy named Caps because he’s a Capitals fan…

      • I’m sure some sort of event will occur that will inspire a name šŸ™‚ it’s probably better to have a name that is trail related anyway

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