Posted by: athike2011 | March 29, 2011


Took a zero day at the Fontana Dam Lodge, got a few supplies and a package with Sierra’s dog bed. Felt good to take a day off and recover though my knee has been making a popping sound when I walk, it doesn’t hurt or even feel uncomfortable, but it is loud enough for someone walking next to me to hear, which makes me nervous, I guess I’ll just have to see how it goes, tomorrow(tues) I will be heading up into the smokies, the first national park of the trail. Supposed to be cold and snowy, I’m looking forward to it. Thanks to everyone for your positive responses, it is very motivational!



  1. Yo dude. Careful on that knee. I’ve been tracking you on Google Earth. There are lots of pics of the landmarks you describe. Haven’t heard much about how the dog is keeping up. I guess that’s a good thing. I’m assuming she’s doing fine. Good luck in the smokies.

    • I love Eli’s idea of following on Google Earth. I don’t know how to use the program very well, but if you put the names of hotels or bars we could see them on street view. If you post GPS coordinates we can find you that way as well.

      • Hey Tish,
        If you download this file “” and open it with Google earth it will plot the entire AT for you so you can see the route and the shelters along the way. It makes things much easier to follow.

  2. Well it looks like you are going to have a good day today but rain again tomorrow then it should just be cold after that. I hope it satys nice this weekend so us fair weather hikers can come up and join you for the day. Text me when you know where you are going to be this weekend.

    • I think I’ll be outside hot springs, and I’ve got some friends I am meeting up with there, but I’ll let you know when I have a better idea of my location.

  3. I have been printing all your posts and putting them in a notebook. Several people here at work enjoy reading them.
    I can’t say it sounds to me like you have been having fun, but It seems you are enjoying yourself.

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