Posted by: athike2011 | March 24, 2011

Milage and shelter review

For those keeping track here is what I have done so far:

3/13 – 7.8 miles to hawk mtn shelter

3/14 – 7.3 miles to gooch mtn shelter

3/15 – 12.4 miles to woods hole shelter

3/16 – 4.7 miles to Neals gap, resupply

3/17 – 10.8 miles to low gap shelter

3/18 – 12 miles to cheese factory camp site

3/19 – 13 miles to Hiawassee, GA, resupply

3/20 – zero day in Hiawassee, GA

3/21 – 11.7 miles to muskrat shelter

3/22 – 16.2 miles to betty creek campsite

3/23 – 12.2 miles to Franklin, NC, resupply

Also here is a link to the video that didn’t work before

And a side note, please ignore all my poor grammar and spelling, it’s hard to type on an iPhone when you’re exhausted and I’m not proof reading anything.



  1. Thanks for the list, I had you in the wrong spot on the 21st!

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