Posted by: athike2011 | March 24, 2011

3/21 – 3/23


11.7 miles to muskrat shelter

relaxed all day yester day, had a delicious subway breakfast sandwich this morning and hitched a ride to the trail head at Dicks gap. long day today, mostly up, crossed into North Carolina, I was disappointed by the crappy little border sign, but I’m sure I’ll live. Gorgeous sunset tonight, climbed a tree to take some pictures and make a few phone calls, best cell signal of the trial thus far. Plan is for 12 miles tomorrow.


16.2 miles to betty creek gap campsite

longest day yet, knees are swollen and sore, met a guy that runs an outfitter in Franklin, he suggested hiking further to make it into town weds night to avoid getting rained on too badly and it will only be 12 miles tomorrow to get to Franklin and either tent in a parking lot or split a room for a resupply and laundry night.


12.2 miles to Franklin, NC

good day out, hiking wasn’t too bad, started to rain towards the end but it didn’t bother me as I knew I was headed for a dry hotel room. Got picked up by Ron Haven, a guy who owns a few motels around here, he took us to our home for the night to get settled in. 40 minutes later he picked us and a bunch of other hikers back up in a small school bus and drove us to a few places to resupply and get gear if need be. Went to a local bar to watch some hockey and eat burgers, then rest up for a short day tomorrow as there is still laundry and such to be done. I think I’m going to the same pet bed for sierra that I for some reason decided to leave in storage so she will be a little warmer in the smokies and have a place of her own to sleep. Luckily my dividend will pay for it and I can return the other brand new one that is in storage when I get home.



  1. Chris, Your photos and posts are lovely and inspiring. Thanks for sharing them. Lynn

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