Posted by: athike2011 | March 16, 2011


3/16 – 4.2 miles, Neals Gap

Very cold this morning, didn’t want to get up, foot of my bag was wet. Found a few holes in the door of my tent as I was packing up, everything is wet now. Decided on my hike up blood mountain that I was going to stay in the hostel tonight, turns out they don’t really mind dogs.

Got to Neals Gap, there was a church group making free burgers for hikers, I quickly devoured 2 and headed inside to reevaluate my gear. After a few hours in the store and $300 out of the bank account, I feel ready to start again. Started out with new shoes, which required new insoles, but will make my life so much better. Shipped the old boots home along with my compass, stove (swapped out for a new alcohol stove), my knife (swapped out for smaller), glasses case, sandals (swapped out for way lighter ones), REI socks and liners, the socks stretched out and I replaced them as well. I also got a new bag liner for when I’m in the smokies and in theory it makes my bag from a 32 degree back to a 17 degree bag. I also got a sheet of tyvek to put below my sleeping pad in shelters to protect it. Doing laundry now, having chili and cornbread for dinner, then
starting out at 8 for 11 miles around 8am



  1. Did you figure out what was going on with the holes in the tent door? Is it damaged? Were you able to fix it somehow?

    • No idea, just taped it, not really another option…

      • That’s too bad. Hopefully that will solve the problem! I’m happy to hear you’re having a good time despite a few little hiccups šŸ™‚ miss you xo

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